About Kayleigh

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Who is Kayleigh?


natural optimistdedicated worker, and perpetual cheerleader, Kayleigh truly found her calling as a life coach. While in graduate school earning her M.Ed, she was simultaneously pouring through psychology and counseling resources to prepare for the life she truly desired: one spent helping others achieve their dreams. Whether it’s in her high school classroom or at home with a client, Kayleigh is determined to see the unseen and help those who might not be brave enough to ask for it.

As a life coach, she works with you to find the perfect balance between clinical help and personal encouragement.

Kayleigh has Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy in her coaching. She has earned her certification in Happiness, Life Purpose, Goal Success, and Master Coaching. She is eager to help you reach your goals.


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Why hire a life coach?

Well, life is hard sometimes.

There’s never shame in accepting help, especially when it comes to your happiness. As someone who’s been at similar lows, Kayleigh will help you achieve everything you’ve desired, be it through a tenuous career change, smoothing family disagreements, or simply learning to love yourself.

Never forget, you have the power to change your life.

If you’re ready to seize happiness and never let go, Kayleigh is the coach for you. Like her teaching style, her coaching strength lies in hard truths. Kayleigh isn’t afraid to speak honestly, and although it might hurt initially, true growth lies beyond a little pain. Just like being a mother, you can’t earn something wonderful without discomfort.

Overwhelming moments are just that: moments.

Through research-backed methods based in true psychology, Kayleigh will walk you through uncertainty and discouragement. Her unrelenting positivity will teach you how to rework negative thought patterns, and her motivation will never waver as you proceed towards your dreams.

Dream bigger. Kayleigh has your back.