A complementary 20 minute consultation is the first step.

During this session, Kayleigh will foster the bond between life coach and client, and work hard to help you identify your dreams. Afterwards, she’ll email you with a comprehensive coaching strategy, should you choose to move forward with her.

The purpose of this session is to start your life’s journey on the right foot, through cohesive teamwork with Kayleigh.

20 Minute Consultation


60 Minute Session


Kayleigh’s regular sessions are 60 minutes in length, and will cover any discussion topic of your choice.

These sessions are designed a la cart to cater to your needs. Some people require more guidance than others, but Kayleigh will ensure every client is motivated and ready to succeed.

During these sessions, Kayleigh will use a proven method of positive self-talk, raw encouragement, and behavioral suggestions to help you improve your life.

Containing four 60 minute sessions, one per week, this package will provide a springboard to your dreams.

Through diligent check-ups, Kayleigh will ensure your dedication is noticed and appreciated, and if needed, nudge you back to the most efficient path to your dreams. During these sessions, Kayleigh will dig deep into your psyche to uncover any roadblocks you’re setting for yourself, and help you work through them.

No one needs to go it alone. Kayleigh is here to make sure you feel seen and heard.

One Month Package


Six Month Package


Aimed at those who need less oversight, but appreciate a monthly check-in, this package includes six 60 minute sessions spread over half a year.

Most goals worth pursuing take time, but it’s often easy to lose focus over many months–especially when progress appears slow. This package will show the best results, as it guarantees inspiration over the long term.

Kayleigh will serve as your perpetual cheerleader, while also offering deep insight into any recurring problems. As she gets to know you better, she’ll be able to offer new viewpoints on your life, and help you improve your overall mindset. This package is perfect for the slow-and-steady people who want to see real change in their life.


“Kayleigh is easily the most encouraging individual I’ve ever met. She has a true passion for helping those around her, and cuts through my doubts to let my dreams shine through! I’m truly blessed to know her, and look forward to many more sessions!”

Rebecca Fornwalt

Mesa, AZ