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Not quite where you want to be in life? Coach Kayleigh has your back! Using a masterful blend of psychology, motivation techniques, and optimism, Kayleigh will help you achieve your dreams.

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What is a life coach?

Simply put, a life coach is an alternative to a therapist. While therapists are licensed professionals who use psychology to diagnose problems, life coaches are privately certified and focus on your personal goals: career, family, and internal happiness.

Therefore, hiring a life coach is an attractive, often cheaper option for those who desire more from their life, but aren’t sure how to obtain it.


Career Guidance

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Family Cohesiveness

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Internal Happiness

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Kayleigh offers weekly, monthly, and on-demand sessions. For full transparency, her pricing is below.

Customized packages are available upon request.


Free 20 Minute Consultation – $0

A complementary 20 minute consultation is the first step. This is where Kayleigh will examine your goals and construct a path to help you achieve them.

One 60 Minute Session – $90

A typical session is 60 minutes, and will cover any discussion topic of your choice. Kayleigh is excited to help you smooth out troubling emotions, and motivate you to succeed!


One Month Package – $350

Comprised of four 60 minute sessions, one per week, this package will ensure an ongoing dedication to your dreams. Kayleigh will serve as your motivator and help you conquer any mental blocks that arise.

Six Month Package – $500

Aimed at those who need less oversight, but appreciate a monthly check-in, this package includes six 60 minute sessions over six months. Most goals worth pursuing take time, but there’s no reason to go it alone!


About Kayleigh


A natural optimist, dedicated worker, and perpetual cheerleader, Kayleigh truly found her calling as a life coach. While in graduate school earning her M.Ed in English, she was simultaneously pouring through psychology and counseling resources to prepare for the life she truly desired: one spent helping others achieve their dreams. Whether it’s in her high school classroom or at home with a client, Kayleigh is determined to see the unseen and help those who might not be brave enough to ask for it.

As a life coach, she works with you to find the perfect balance between clinical help and personal encouragement.

Kayleigh has Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy in her coaching. She has earned her certification in Happiness, Life Purpose, Goal Success, and Master Coaching. She is eager to help you reach your goals.

Interested? Contact her today for more information!


Kayleigh’s Blog


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